Preparation of the furniture

Unplug your household appliances and supply of electricity, water and gas. Some of the objects you want to move may require a lock before shipping: drum washing machine, drying machine, VCR, CD player …
It is your responsibility to check that the equipment is prepared for transport. Do not polish your wood furniture before the move so they are not marked by the cover that will cover them. Empty the refrigerator and the freezer at least 24 hours before the moving date

Remove anything that is hung on the walls and ceiling: curtain rods, paintings, lighting features… Safety Tips:
To prevent damage to furniture by fire or of fluid leak, it is essential to meet the safety tips below: Do not put inside the objects you want to move flammable liquids such as matches, acids, ammunition, poisons, bottled gas, paint cans and other materials half used and therefore not hermetically sealed. Drain the internal combustion engines from gasoline, lawn mowers, garden tools, motorcycles etc.


moving israel If you choose to package your own belongings, know that proper packing is the key to a successful move. Poorly packaged items are likely to be damaged. Get your materials in sufficient quantities, plan your packing well in advance. Pack a few boxes every day to avoid being overwhelmed. Pack room by room and do not mix in one carton objects of different rooms, and so unpacking will be simplified.
Assembly / filling / Marking of cartons: Close the bottom of the box with two crossed strips of tape. Do the same for closing the top of the carton. Close the carton flat without crossing the edges so they can pile up easily.
Please always fill in the boxes, in order to prevent them from crashing during transport. Indeed a well-filled carton is stiffer and keeps its shape better. All boxes must be marked with the name of the room of origin and a brief description of the content.


THE DAY HAS ARRIVED our team leader will knock on your door, walk around the house with him tell him everything packed and boxes ready.
During packaging MARK YOUR NAME AND your package on the numbered card and also on the packing list that the team leader gave you in advance

The list has its importance:
To deliver to destination furniture and boxes in their place
but also to make sure everything has arrived that is why you must mark everything even the broom.
Remember the more you are smiling the more the move will be stress less.
Do not forget to give us a phone in Israel and take with you a copy of your inventory

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