FDI is also a commitment to bring you all the knowledge of 20 years of experience:
Such as service, respect of our obligations, security of the property in our hands, and those at each step leading to you getting your belongings, or having them stored, as well as any period in which your property will be stored in trucks, containers and / or our location.
Also, we are committed as well to transport, packaging, selection of type of container, storage, security conditions.
FDI takes you to the commitment to quality and retention.


moving israel Our Company has interest to transport the cartons and your furniture with the delicacy needed, because if we scratch your locker or crack your mirror our responsibility is committed to you.
This is why you should have a duty to write and submit a declaration on the value of the furniture.
“Declaration of value” will be printed and will be offered at your disposal and will include your assessment on the value of individual objects.
If all the necessary treatments that are provided by FDI to your goods are safely transferred, you will understand that because there are distances involved and the difficulties of international transit, there are some occasional losses or damages that may occur. Therefor we suggest you to insure your international move, so you full compensation in case of unpleasant going.

Your move coordinator will provide you with all necessary documents and forms you need to fill. Those obtained in order to make your life easier. You will have to specify the items you are interested to move, and their financial value.
Remember many countries have selling tax rates that are higher than in France. The value that you specify should be enough to replace the objects at your destination. You must mention the original price, the price from few years ago or their values in use are not always good indicators.
Be sure that the coverage of your goods will continue until you settle down in your new home.
In the destined country, our basic insurance policy includes coverage that fits to 30 days of storage. So if you need to keep your belongings in the warehouse for a longer period, you must notify us so that we can include your cover for this period. Additional charges will apply.
Despite good intentions, accidents can happen. In case of loss or damage, note and report it immediately after the supply of the items, with full details of your claim. Our insurance agent will be notified within 3 days of delivery.

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