International transit

You are leaving your house and would like to take your belongings along with absolute certainty ?

If you go to a neighboring country or a country halfway around the world or coming from abroad to the west of Switzerland, we are here to help!
Since we know that the exit / transition is such an important turning point in your life, we offer you the expertise and knowledge in order that the whole process will go smoothly.

Especially abroad, your move is unique and we adjust ourselves in case.
We also offer service “tailored” according to the specific needs of the transition according to your wishes:

Organizing Shipping of pets, cleaning and organizing after loading, intervention specialists such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, helping dismantle / re-install.
Providing support and care from A to Z during your transition, We organize all the transitional stages, from start to finish, from A to Z.
We are used to provide a full service home / home. And yes, our services do cover the packaging, loading, transporting personal effects, formal procedures of the Customs Import / Export, loading and unloading of your belongings to your new home. All you are left with is to think about your new life!

International expertise
For almost 20 years, FDI does trucking and transitions for companies and individuals.
Over the years, FDI has developed the expertise and experience in international transfers and importing and exporting.

International network of agents of the highest quality.
Careful choice of partners according to very strict criteria of quality and reliability allows us to offer services in line with our standard of excellence on a global scale.
We believe that the expertise and professionalism of our agents will make the difference in order to assure your property will be returned to exactly the position that you deposit it in our hands.

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