Professional Packing

For your move to Israel, we provide an ideal security for your belongings.
The material we use is suitable for all kinds of objects and for all shipping arrangements. Bearers and professional FDI staff are familiar with the various packing methods and therefore work in a special awareness for packaging your items for naval shipment. In order to ease the procedures for customs purposes, you will need to number and make a list of all your personal belongings according to the criteria they are by international guidelines.
moving israel A detailed list can also make it easier for distribution of your belongings upon arrival to Israel. Therfore avoiding a situation where your kitchen utensils are found in the youngest child’s room and your winter clothes find themselves well in the cellar. On each package, object and furniture will be his number and description.
Carton No. 16 / Closets / Shelves
Carton 17 / Closets / Wardrobe / Bolts
Carton No. 18 / Children closers/ board panels

Good advice:

moving israel To ease assembly of your furniture after its delivery to Israel, it is important to note in which cardboard box the appropriate screws for each disassembled furniture. The best thing is to put each set of screws in an envelope or plastic bag taped inside the furniture to which they belong.
Remember that when the supply of furniture arrives , before the clerk will be laid, according to each customer, from 50 to 100 boxes and it finding if the screws would be like finding a needle in a haystack for him. Saves time for him and for you: The quicker the furniture is disassembled the neater it is.
movingisrael The clerk will ask you about your new home waiting for you in Israel, to see if access to the apartment is not difficult (narrow street, a building with no elevator, staircase limited) in order to communicate to the team that will accept your container all eventualities.
In addition, a detailed list is also used to calculate the best insurance tailored to your valuables, antiques, and more.
moving israel FDI is known and recognized for best packaging service.
To each his individual fitness for the great adventure.
The product will be evaluated by us, removed by a professional, carefully wrapped, placed in a container, transported by sea, appraised for duty and brought to Israel and finally placed with you so you do not feel a big change of scenery.
Therefore FDI put all his knowledge and his experience in the packaging.
Each product has its packaging type:

Paper-bubble for delicate objects
Corrugated Paper for fragile Furniture
wardrobe for clothes
mattress covers
paper for dishes
Carton by size and volume of the product

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