Clearance in Israel

Upon arrival in Israel please contact FDI moving to tell us your new address, we will communicate the documents required for your clearance:

New immigrants OR Ole Hadach

Your VISA found on french passport of both spouses
Te’udat oleh , oleh passport
Te’udat zeout Israeli identity card
You should know that as long as your te’udat zeout number is not registered on the main computer we cannot clear your container through customs
Look out for your individual container, you only have four days to remove it from the port, after that the storage costs will be extra charged. Therefor its your interest to get your individual container after your arrival in Israel.
This problem does not arise for groups because we offer you one month of storage
Tochav hozer, Israeli return

Tochav hozer

There are several statuses of a Tochav hozer.
Tochav hozer with no rights, pays all taxes on furniture.
Tochav hozer, MORE THAN 2 months but less than 6 years spent abroad he pays taxes on some appliances.
Tochav hozer more than 6 years old he as the same rights as an Oleh Hadach.
To determine what status you MUST GO TO THE closest CUSTOMS OFFICE to your home with the passport and a document that you will get from Misrad hapnim (Ministry of Interior) ” entry and exit of Israeli territory” Customs will put a stamp indicating his status, after these steps we will be able to clear your furniture.

TOURISTS who were exported
Photocopy of passport or work visa.
After getting ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS YOU will meet us and fill in ALL CUSTOMS FORMS.(Israel Customs et Ipoui Koah)

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